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Alterations While You Wait
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Sleep Comfortably with Tailored Pillow Cases

Make certain your house is truly a home by customizing the pieces to meet your specific needs and aesthetic desires. Alterations While U Wait helps homeowners in locations throughout Cincinnati, tackle individual pieces, rooms, and entire homes. Store bought furnishings often have small imperfections that can be remedied. Our team will work with you to make everything perfect.



Your bed should be a retreat after a long, hard day. Don't allow ill-fitting sheets and pillow cases ruin your comfort. Our team will work with you to make certain that every item fits perfectly on your bed. Some items that we trim and shorten include: pillow cases, bed sheets, bed skirts.


Never forget the importance of a first impression when a visitor enters your home. The couch is often the centerpiece of your home entertainment area. This makes it important to ensure the entire piece looks its best. We handle everything from broken zippers and [torn seams] (Link to 12P) on the pillows and couch cushions. Being proactive in maintaining your couch goes beyond guests. It can help you save money by extending the life of your couch.