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Suit Alterations Cincinnati, OH

Look Snappy with the Right Suit Alterations In Cincinatti, OH

Make certain your wardrobe fits properly by having a team of experts adjust the waist and hemlines to meet your current needs. Alterations While U Wait has a long history of helping clients look their best by doing the right suit alterations in Cincinnati, OH. We do it all while you wait. In just one visit, we will have your garment altered for you.

Suit Alterations

A well-fitting suit is a must for any formal occasion. We are the leading shop for suit fittings in the Midwest. Our team can handle any style of men's, women's, and children's suits. Stop on in and see how a simple suit alteration can make you look your best.

Coat Alterations

Be ready for chilly days by having your coat adjusted. We handle every detail for a wide range of coats for men and women, including:

• Bombers
• Fleece Jackets
• Overcoats
• Parkas
• Topcoats
• Wind Breakers
• Coat Sizes

If the coat is too is too small and has ripped, we can easily stitch up a torn seam. If it is too large, we can easily adjust the seams. This is better than moving the buttons, which typically is needed when the jacket is too long or short.

Coat Sleeves

Most heavy coats can have their sleeves lengthened or shortened. This is dependent on the available seam allowance and the embellishments used. Most problems can be fixed at an additional expense. Great care needs to be taken to ensure that a true "comfortable length" is found. A heavy coat is meant to cover all the clothing beneath it from the sleeve hems to the coattail. We can even replace buttons that have fallen off the cuffs.

Replace Buttons Cincinnati, OH

When Should You Layer with Overcoats

Before you have an overcoat adjusted, think about clothing you may want to comfortably wear with the coat. To avoid a snug fit, men and women may want to avoid altering overcoats if they wear:

• Blazers • Cardigans • Sports Coats • Suits • Sweater Vests