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Making Uniform Alterations That Stand Up To Scrutiny

When you are in uniform, you not only represent out military, you show your respect for our nation. At Alterations While U Wait, we take great pride in altering the uniforms of service members of every branch of our military who reside in the Cincinnati, area. We handle everything from sleeve and trouser alterations to button and blood stripes.



American Flag Over Limo

Military Uniform

Our Adjustments

We handle clothing adjustments for every aspect of your military uniform. Features we routinely handle include:

• Service Bars
• Shoulder Bars
• Rank and Unit Patches
• Battle Emblems
• Sleeve Braids
• What We Need
• Beret Emblems
• Overseas Bars

To prevent any confusion, it is strongly recommended that you bring a copy of your uniform specification sheet. We utilize this to make certain that everything is done properly. If you are uncertain about a specific aspect, we ask that you consult with a superior officer. If a question arises, we will respect your decision on the alteration.


If there are any issues with your uniform, we fix them. Bring in the updated specifications, and we will remedy the issue while you wait. It is our honor to help you have a uniform you will be proud to wear.

Nonmilitary Uniforms

Beyond the armed forces, we provide uniform alterations, including emblem patch sewing. We alter uniforms for:

• Boy Scouts • Brownies • Cub Scouts • Girl Scouts